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Dr. Ficco, Massimo

Second University of Naples (Italy)

Editorial Board

Dr. AbdElminaam, Diaa
Dr. Castiglione, Aniello
Dr. Jung, Gueyoung
Dr. Khan, Zaheer                
Dr. Kratzke, Nane
Dr. Mao, Ming
Dr. Palivela, Hemant
Dr. Papanikolaou, Nick
Dr. Romano, Paolo
Dr. Savvas, Ilias K
Prof. Palmieri, Francesco
Prof. Petcu, Dana

Faculty of computres and informatics-Benha University (Egypt)
University of Salerno (Italy)
Xerox Research Center Webster (USA)
University of the West of England (UK)
Lübeck University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
University of Virginia (USA)
university of Mumbai (India)
Hewlett Packard Laboratories (HP Labs) (UK)
University of Lisbon (Portugal)
T.E.I. of Larissa (Greece)
Second University of Naples (Italy)
West University of Timisoara (Romania)

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